Hyena Squad is the latest turn-based strategy game by Wave Light Games


Wave Light Games, the developer of Demon’s Rise and Shieldwall Chronicles, has confirmed its next title, Hyena Squad, will launch on the App Store on September 9. Hyena Squad is a turn-based RPG similar to XCOM.  

Hyena Squad takes place in deep space, onboard an alien space station. It’s your job to infiltrate the station and rescue a VIP inmate with your team of mercenaries. You can choose from four different types of mercenary: armoured melee specialists, heavy gunners, elusive scouts, and mysterious psychics. Once you select your team, you must lead the assault, taking into account the environment, your characters’ line of sights, morale, and more. 

Hyena Squad builds on Wave Light Games’s previous RPGs by adding additional features for you to enjoy. There are 12 levels to master, each with different objectives like hostage rescue, escort to the safe zone, and various bosses. The environments in Hyena Squad are destructible, with fuel canisters and hazardous tanks to blow up. Your squad and the aliens you fight both have active and passive abilities, where you can inspire or confuse units, increasing the tactical tools at your disposal.

Hyena Squad will release this September on the App Store, where you can pre-order a copy for $1.99/£1.99. The game offers you a premium experience with no adverts, in-app purchases, or online requirements. 

If Hyena Squad sounds like the RPG for you, then check out the trailer below.

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