Grand Cru Games and Roofdog Games join N3twork’s NSP after successful testing period


Grand Cru Games and Roofdog Games have become the latest companies to partner with N3twork’s Scale Platform (NSP).

The two companies were participants in NSP’s $1 million pilot funds, and as their games, Battlejack and Pocket Mine 3, showed they could scale with the initiative, Grand Cru Games and Roofdog Games now have access to the $50 million growth fund.

Battlejack, developed by Finnish firm Grand Cru Games, is an RPG that implants a blackjack-inspire card system to complete battles. During its NSP testing, the game proved to have potential as it saw a retention rate of over 50 per cent.

Meanwhile, Pocket Mine 3 by Roofdog adopts an arcade-style and has also proven to show signs of success as it hit double the benchmark level for D14 ROI. Both games can be found on the App Store and Google Play.

Fuelling growth

N3twork first launched the NSP in April 2020 intending to fuel the growth for upcoming mobile games. The platform features a variety of tools and technologies to aid developers in creating the next mobile hit.

In June, 99Games’ Star Chef 2 was the first game to launch for N3twork’s new scale platform.



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