Harmonix, Konami, Supermassive sign up to bring exclusives to Stadia


A number of games studios have pledged to bring titles exclusively to Google’s Stadia streaming platform.

In the latest Stadia Connect event, the search giant revealed that Konami’s Super Bomberman R Online would be launching on its cloud service, while One Hand Clapping from Bad Dream Games would also be launching ‘First on Stadia.’

Meanwhile, Harmonix, Uppercut Games and Supermassive have all committed to bringing exclusive titles to Google Stadia.

That’s on top of Splash Damage, who is teaming up with Google for the creation of an ‘Only on Stadia’ title, Outcasters. You can find out a bit more about that title in our interview here.

For the full story head over to PCGamesInsider.biz.



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