Anzu teams up with League-M to bring its in-game ads platform to European brands


In-game advertising platform Anzu has teamed up with international tech agency League-M Europe to bring ads to more European brands.

Through the partnership, Anzu will strengthen its presence in Europe’s market as more brands will get access to in-game advertising. League-M has proven to be a valuable partner as it has ties to the games industry, including the esports sector.

A potentially lucrative market, Europe boasts 378 million gamers across the continent. Furthermore, between France, Germany, Spain and the UK alone €12.3 billion ($13.8 billion) in revenue.

“With, we have a new partner on board that fits exactly with the direction of League-M Europe: Innovative technology with an absolutely unique position in the market, premium branding in the gaming and entertainment sector, globally active and with enormous reach,” said League-M co-founder and managing director J.-Florian Lormes.

“We believe that will enable and define a whole new world of advertising in games. and League-M Europe will work hand-in-hand to give brands easy and effective access to a broad and diverse target group.”

Forming partnerships

“We are thrilled to partner with League-M, a company that, like Anzu, is committed to introducing cutting-edge solutions to European advertisers. The European gaming market is experiencing an explosion of users, and we are looking forward to giving advertisers even more access to this important and previously untapped audience,” said Anzu brand and agency sales director Hendrik Menz.

Recently, Anzu teamed up with industry veteran Takuya Banno to bring its ads platform to Japan. Earlier this year, the firm partnered with Polish games developer Vivid Games to deliver ads to the latter’s games.



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