The RoundTable is LIVE! Watch here


This week’s RoundTable sessions is live, and we’re inviting all our readers to join us as we stream it straight to YouTube.

Taking place every couple of weeks, we’ll be bringing together four or five leading industry experts in a specific field to discuss a pertinent subject.

The live event will be broadcast for free to everyone, but you can also sign up to be part of the call itself so you can interact and ask questions – keep an eye out for details of future roundtables to find out how to get involved.

And once it’s all over, we’ll follow up with some key points in an article and make the video available on our PG.Biz YouTube channel.

Join in editor Jon Jordan is in the hot seat for this week’s roundtable, alongside a panel of experts who know just about everything there is to know about blockchain.

[embedded content]

Future roundtables that are scheduled to take place will concentrate on a range of timely and relevant topics, such as innovation vs imitation and the art of publishing.



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