Rick Perry: ‘American Ingenuity’ Will Win the Day Against COVID-19 – Newsmax


Former Energy Secretary and Texas Gov. Rick Perry Tuesday said he thinks Americans are “looking for hope” in the wake of the expanding coronavirus pandemic in the United States, and he believes “American ingenuity” will win the day.

“There’s some good hope out there for Americans with technology,” said Perry on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “Americans have always, always been able to, you know, whether it was Jack Kilby with the integrated circuit, whether Americans that have come forward in times of need, American ingenuity is what will deliver this victory over COVID-19, guaranteed.

“There’s a couple of things out there that I’ve seen that I’m really intrigued with that I’m watching,” Perry added. “One is mesenchymal stem cells, there’s a company in Houston called Cell Tech and they are in a phase III trial in Mexico and that’s the next step to commercialization, and they are in phase II trials right here in the United States.”

The procedure involves reintroducing adult stem cells into the body as a “very powerful preventive against COVID-19,” said Perry. “That’s some fascinating good news out there and not too far out into the future. You know, a lot of people talk about Dr. [Anthony] Fauci, Dr.[Deborah] Birx, and we hear them talk about we’re going to get a vaccine. Well, not anytime soon we’re not, so some of these medical things that we see are really fascinating.”

There are also other technologies being worked on, including with a company from Houston that is developing an HVAC filter. The filter could be put in public schools between now and fall so they can reopen, said Perry, pointing out that the American Academy of Pediatrics has said that young people need to return to school. 



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