Samsung Galaxy S20 FE real-world images leak, show a rather slick phone

A far more reasonable size than Samsung's Ultra devices?

The best AWS courses for professionals

This post lists the best AWS courses (Amazon Web Services) for IT professionals.

Executive Interview: Steve Bennett, Director Global Government Practice, SAS 

Using AI and analytics to optimize delivery of government service to citizens   Steve Bennett is Director of the Global Government Practice at SAS, and is the former director of the US National Biosurveillance Integration Center (NBIC) in the Department of Homeland Security, where he worked for 12 years. The mission of the NBIC was to provide early […]

Getting AI to Learn Like a Baby is Goal of Self-Supervised Learning 

By AI Trends Staff   Scientists are working on creating better AI that learns through self-supervision, with the pinnacle being AI that could learn like a baby, based on observation of its environment and interaction with people.   This would be an important advance because AI has limitations based on the volume of data required to train […]

Support for Remote Workers Providing Extra Boost for Conversational AI

By AI Trends Staff  Conversational AI refers to the use of chatbots, messaging apps, and voice-based assistants to automate customer communications with a brand.    Software that combines these features to carry on a human-like conversation might be called a “bot.” The term “chatbot” might refer to text-only bots. Amazon Alexa or Google Home virtual assistants use […]

Parable About ‘The Upstream’ Provides Key Lessons For AI Autonomous Cars 

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider   There is a famous allegory called the Upstream Parable that provides numerous valuable lessons and can be gainfully applied to the advent of AI autonomous self-driving cars.  The Upstream Parable sometimes referred to as the Rivers Story, has been attributed to various originating sources, including that some suggest […]

LG Wing hands-on: A new kind of dual-screen (Video!)

The LG Wing is a new dual-screen device from LG. Can this take on dual-screen devices make it to the mainstream?

Fossil Gen 6 smartwatches edge closer: here’s what we’d like to see

A faster processor seems likely, but will it also get meaningful Wear OS improvements?

Save $149 on a Surface Pro X and more of the best Surface Pro...

If you want to replace your laptop with a two-in-one, a Surface is likely on your list. Here are the best Surface Pro deals.

The best wall chargers: A buyer’s guide

Want a charger for your travel bag or a single charger to cover all your needs? These are the best wall chargers you can get

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