My Favorite Smart Speaker Is on Sale Right Now, Take $20 off Marshall’s Uxbridge


Marshall Uxbridge Smart Speaker | $180 | Best Buy

It’s no secret I love Marshall. Every product I’ve had from them I’ve fallen in love with and I’ve had many. The Uxbridge Smart Speaker is no different. Take $20 off of today at Best Buy.


I’ve had to pleasure of playing with this one for the last week and it’s now my go-to smart speaker. What I really like is through the Marshall app I can control how everything sounds with the fine-tuning feature. You can also do this with the rocker buttons on the top panel which is absolutely sleek and aesthetically gorgeous. But Marshall is known for really chic and cool looking speakers, the design is important to them and it shows. I’ve put it in my kitchen and both my roommate and I use it and all it’s Amazon Alexa features, especially while cooking. Alexa can even hear us in the dining room so the far-field microphone really does the job. It did take me a little bit of time to get it to connect properly but I’m not sure if it was my WiFi or just me having ‘user error,’ but once I was locked in it’s been perfect. I’ve got the white option and it comes in black as well. Both are on sale.

This item ships for free.




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