Distinctive Point and Click Adventure Sequel Krystopia: Nova’s Journey Arrives on Android


Krystopia: Nova’s Journey, the anticipated sequel to 2019’s Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey, has just arrived on the Google Play Store. 

Spread across three large chapters, the game sees you exploring a visually distinctive gameworld, meeting NPCs, and solving predominantly grid-based, Witness-style puzzles. It shares that game’s clean, colorful aesthetic, too, though its environments are more outlandish.

Storywise, Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is all about a space explorer called Nova Dune. After receiving a mysterious distress signal, Nova finds herself on a desolate planet called Kristopia. 

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As you move from puzzle to puzzle you’ll learn more about the history of Kristopia and the series of events that led to its desolate state. 

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is a premium title, and you can grab it for $4.99 right now on the Google Play Store



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