My Talking Tom Friends hits 100 million downloads as the franchise celebrates its 10th anniversary


Outfit7’s My Talking Tom Friends has made its way through 100 million downloads.

The impressive milestone has been hit just over a month after the game was released on June 12th. Moreover, it hit 22 million installs within six days. Once it hit the two week mark, the virtual pet title had enticed 60 million players.

The game was destined to prove popular, given it exceeded seven million pre-registrations in six days. Overall, the Talking Tom franchise has accumulated 13 billion downloads.

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Celebrate with friends

The series celebrates its 10th anniversary this month, as the first game – Talking Tom Cat – was released in July 2010. To commemorate the occasion, Outfit7 is hosting an event called “POK-A-TOM.”

Players around the world need to band together to poke the virtual feline 10 billion times in 10 days. If achieved, all users will be given an in-game currency bundle.

“Fans have poked Tom almost too many times to count since 2010,” said Outfit7 CEO Xinyu Qian.

“Over 400 million fans play with the games every month, so we wanted them to be included in the celebration by doing more of what they love – and getting fun rewards to enjoy with Tom in return.”



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