tinyBuild acquires the development team behind Hello Neighbor


American publisher tinyBuild has acquired the Hello Neighbor development team from Dynamic Pixels.

Based in the Netherlands, the new office will be known as Eerie Guest Studios. On top of this, tinyBuild has got plans to invest $15 million in the Hello Neighbor, this includes the cost of the deal.

“During COVID-19 we saw a major spike in free and subscription-based content, showing a trend towards value-driven entertainment. We feel that there’s a big shift coming, so we decided to shift our investments into internal IP development while staying true to our mission of bringing extraordinary value to our fans,” said tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik.

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Overall, across PC, console and mobile the Hello Neighbor series had hit 30 million downloads in April. However, that number has since increased to more than 40 million downloads.

The franchise has proven popular, to the extent that books and a YouTube animated series have been created. The former has seen two million sales, while the latter has accumulated 12 million views. Back in April, the pilot pulled in nearly 11 million viewers.

“We are working on more acquisitions to strengthen the brand and investing heavily into cross-media. We just announced Hello Neighbor board game, there’s a graphic novel coming in October, and our internally produced Hello Neighbor Animated Series pilot hit 12M views on YouTube,” said Nichiporchik.



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