Voltage USA’s Lovestruck writing team goes on strike to secure better working conditions


Wrtiers at mobile dating sim developer Voltage Entertainment USA have gone on strike to secure themselves better working conditions.

As detailed in a Tumblr post, the team behind Lovestruck – a romance stories app – have banded together to “demand better working conditions, greater transparency, and increased protections.” However, the company’s management team has ignored staff requests which have resulted in the workforce going on strike.

Currently, Voltage writers are paid less than the standard rate within the industry. Naturally, they would like to receive the pay and respect that they deserve.

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“We have been given an invaluable foot in the door to the industry and a platform to tell stories that represent our voices, our passion, and our experiences. We are also all fans of the app, and we care deeply about the stories we tell,” said Voltage Organised Workers.

However, the team has made it clear that they love the app they work on, and appreciate the platform they have for their stories. As such, they have implored fans not to boycott the app, instead, they have asked that people send messages to the company through a contact form on its website.

While there will be no immediate effect on Lovestruck, stories will be delayed due to the strikes.



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