Sperasoft partners with RuneScape developer Jagex


Sperasoft has teamed up with British games developer Jagex for tech development and solutions.

The Keywords Studio-owned company helps to solve technical issues for its partners. Furthermore, its development teams offer tech solutions, analytics and development expertise, amongst other services.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Jagex,” said Sperasoft chief commercial officer Denis Larkin.

“Our experienced team of developers are focused on providing innovative solutions in tools development and back end technologies for one of the most respected development studios in the UK. We look forward to revealing more details on our collaboration in the future.”

Great partnership

“At Jagex, we pride ourselves on the quality of the product we deliver, and the strength of team spirit we build to deliver it. Sperasoft shares this passion, integrity and dedication, and we work with them so simply and effectively that we think of them almost as if they were Jagex’s St Petersburg campus,” said Jagex director of product Mark Faulkner.

Last month, it was revealed that RuneScape subscriptions were at an all-time high as Jagex generated revenues of $137.6 million. Furthermore, as of January 2020, Old School RuneScape has exceeded eight million installs.



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