11 Bit Studios investing $21 million in seven new games


Polish games studio 11 Bit has committed over zł $21 million in funding for seven new projects.

In the company’s financial report for the three months ending March 31stas reported by GamesIndustry.biz – the developer is investing $6.3m in four new games which it has signed to its publishing label. These are Project Vitriol from Fool’s Theory, Digital Sun Games’ Project Botin and Project Foxhole, as well as a new co-developed title from Spanish outfits Chibig and Inverge.

11 Bit is investing the remaining $15.1 million into three first-party games: Project 8, Eleanor and Dolly.

For the quarter ending March 31st, 2020, 11 Bit made zł30.5 million ($7.7 million) in revenue.

The company’s breakout hit, This War of Mine, was recently added to school reading lists in Poland. That title has sold well over 4.5m copies since its launch back in 2014.

For the full story head over to PCGamesInsider.biz.



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