Popular Off-Road Sim MudRunner is Coming to Android on July 15th


MudRunner, the hugely popular PC and console off-roading sim from developer Mad Dog Games is coming to Android on July the 17th.

A rebranded update of Spintires, MudRunner sees you driving large, unwieldy vehicles through inhospitable terrains in Siberia, trying to do as little damage as possible while conserving fuel. 

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The game is open-world, and your only guide is a compass. In real life this would present a challenge. In MudRunner it simply results in you plunging into rivers, rolling down hills, and generally failing. You’ll encountered day-night cycles, mud, swamps, mountains, and more. 

While it won’t be out for a little while yet, MudRunner is currently available for pre-registration. Head on over to the Google Play Store to plant your flag.



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