Jul 6 Popular Conservative Comedian Says He Will Challenge Abbott in 2022 – The Amarillo Pioneer


Following the announcement, Prather’s website also began selling a t-shirt promoting his candidacy.

Prather is a widely-recognized conservative stand-up comedian, who hosts the hit BlazeTV show and podcast, The Chad Prather Show. He is also the author of several viral YouTube videos, including the video “Unapologetically Southern.”

If Prather does file to run against Abbott in 2022, it will not be the first time an entertainer has sought the governorship. Musician and humorist Kinky Friedman ran for Governor as an independent candidate in 2006, against incumbent Rick Perry, winning 12% of the vote statewide and placing fourth in a five-candidate race. However, at one point in that race, Friedman was polling a close second to Perry, ahead of the Democratic nominee, Chris Bell.

Aside from Prather, former Rusk city councilman Martin Holsome has announced on social media that he will also challenge Abbott in 2022.



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