It’s monetisation month on!


Monetisation in mobile games is always a hot topic – after all, with the dominance of free-to-play, knowing how to generate revenue from your players is paramount to keeping your business going.

So this month, in partnership with audio ads firm AudioMob, we’re giving our attention over to monetisation, looking at how things are changing and how some things stay the same.

After all, it’s been a very strange year thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has seen more people staying home and playing games, all of which appears to have led to increased revenues for mobile developers.

But will these revenues last? Is there any way developers can ensure players keep spending as the world returns to normal? And will this involve new methods of monetisation, or finding new tricks to monetise with the current systems in place?

Get involved

If you have the answer to one of those questions, we want to hear from you. We’re accepting guest articles all this month across a wide range of monetisation-focused themes, including:

  • New monetisation approaches developers should be looking into
  • The impact coronavirus is having on spending, and how developers can survive post-coronavirus
  • How the loss of IDFA will impact marketing on iOS
  • Other trends in monetisation

And anything else you think might be suitable.

If you’ve got something you want to contribute, get in touch with editor Ric Cowley at to pitch your article.

And keep an eye on our Monetisation Month 2020 tag for all the articles and insights that are set to come from the coming month!



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