Playing with the Ella Paradis Queen of Hearts: An Amazing, Wallet-Friendly Hands-Free Vibe


Queen of Hearts | $38 | 55% Discount Applied in Cart

As our period of social distancing and quarantine isolation drags on, we’ll be bringing you a series of sex toy reviews to help you make the best buying decisions to keep your solo sex life buzzing along, or to spice things up for couples (or thruples or etc, etc, etc.) who may be experiencing some boredom in the bedroom. On deck today is the Queen of Hearts by Ella Paradis.


Queen of Hearts, a new product from Ella Paradis, is a remote-controlled egg-shaped vibrator designed for both solo and couples use—in solo play, it can be used hands-free, and for couples play, one partner can control the remote and the experience of their mate.

Queen of Hearts retails for $84, but Inventory readers can get 55% off; the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

The Details


Queen of Hearts is a bulb-shaped silicone vibrator that can be used both internally and externally; it has 10 vibration modes that are controlled by remote control, so it can be used for hands-free solo use and it can double as a couples toy.

There’s so much to love about Queen of Hearts—for a relatively small toy, it has a lot of features. First up, some nitty-gritty: Queen of Hearts is made of silicone, so it should not be used with silicone lubricants, and it can be washed with mild soap and water, or with any toy cleaners that are safe to use on silicone. The toy itself is USB rechargeable, with an hour-long run time (charging time is 50 minutes); the remote operates using a lithium coin battery, which is included. And, Queen of Hearts is 100% waterproof, so it can be used in the tub, shower, hot tub, pool, ocean, lake, rain barrel full of water, etc.

Queen of Hearts can be used in a few different ways: For solo use, it can be inserted for a hands-free session—I cannot recommend hands-free toys highly enough, the experience of masturbating is truly elevated when your hands can roam a bit. The other advantage of hands-free toys is that they give you more options when it comes to positions because the toy will move with you.

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For people who prefer clitoral stimulation, Queen of Hearts can also be used externally, though you’ll lose a bit of its hands-free quality—it can be positioned and used hands-free if you lie on your back, though you may need to reposition it from time to time, but it won’t stay in place if you switch to any other positions. However! What you lose in movement, you’ll gain in a surprise feature: The tail can be positioned downward for a bit of extra stimulation. I see you there looking all skeptical and that’s fine, go ahead and doubt! Just … promise that you’ll try it because I guarantee you will doubt no more.

Also, it’s a small thing that shouldn’t matter all that much but I find it delightful so I guess it does matter to some extent: The heart-shaped remote control is adorable.

Queen of Hearts retails for $84, but Inventory readers can get 55% off; the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.


Who Is Queen of Hearts For?

Queen of Hearts will serve a lot of different needs, wants, hopes, desires, etc. I loved this toy for solo use—much, much, much more so than I anticipated prior to trying it out. While I found that external use produced stronger orgasms, with internal use the hands-free feature more than made up for what was lost in intensity.


For couples use, Queen of Hearts is best used internally so you can take advantage of being able to move into different positions. It would be an excellent addition to foreplay—a great advantage of a hands-free toy is that the person using it can enjoy it while also servicing their partner. When I explained how it works, and the various ways it can be used, to one of my partners, he said, “That’s so sexy.” It is, and I’m looking forward to the day in 2023 when he and I will be allowed to see each other again so we may test our theory out.

Disclaimer: Ella Paradis provided sample units for this review. Under normal circumstances, these would be returned. For obvious reasons, Ella Paradis probably won’t want these ones back, but this did not factor into the content of this review.



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