Roblox Mobile Surpasses $1.5 Billion in Lifetime Player Spending


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The mobile version of popular MMO sandbox Roblox from Roblox Corporation has surpassed $1.5 billion in player spending, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

The title crossed the milestone just seven months after hitting $1 billion in player spending. Roblox has seen a surge in revenue over the last few months amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, with consumers looking for entertainment and ways to socialize virtually. In March, revenue grew 28 percent month-over-month to $69.8 million, while in April player spending increased by 34 percent M/M to $93.2 million. May, however, has proven to be the game’s most lucrative month ever, as sales hit close to $103 million.

Roblox Player Spending By Month From May 2019 to May 2020

The United States has been, by far, the top grossing country for Roblox, racking up more than $1 billion from player spending, or 66.3 percent of total revenue. Great Britain, meanwhile, has generated $132.8 million, or 8.4 percent, and Canada has picked up close to $66 million, or 4.2 percent.

The App Store has generated the vast majority of Roblox’s revenue, generating nearly $1.2 billion to date, or 75.4 percent of all player spending. Google Play, meanwhile, has accounted for $389.2 million, or 24.6 percent. Players on iPad have proven to be the biggest spenders, generating $623.8 million in lifetime revenue to date, or 39.4 percent of the total.

Roblox has accumulated close to 383 million downloads to date across the App Store and Google Play. As with revenue, the U.S. ranks No. 1 for installs, picking up 104.6 million downloads to date, or 27.3 percent of the total. Brazil ranks No. 2 with more than 41 million downloads, or 10.7 percent, while Russia rounds out the top three with nearly 21 million installs, or 5.4 percent.

Google Play has taken the lion’s share of downloads, generating close to 287 million downloads, or 75 percent of the total. The App Store, meanwhile, has racked up more than 96 million downloads, or 25 percent of the total.

Average revenue per download for Roblox Mobile currently stands at approximately $4.10 globally across both platforms.

Building Blocks

Roblox’s rise continues to show no signs of slowing, making it a serious competitor to another user-generated content-focused blockbuster, Minecraft from Mojang. Following the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe and the initiation of lockdowns, Roblox has proven to be more popular than ever, hitting record revenue and downloads in May 2020. The title offers entertainment, a platform for creativity, and a place to socialize with others, elements that have proven attractive for consumers at home looking for something to do and a way to connect.

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