Democrats subpoena Rick Perry for documents in impeachment inquiry – POLITICO


In a statement, Energy Department spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said: “The Department of Energy is aware of the House Committees’ letter to Secretary Perry and it is currently under review by DOE’s Office of General Counsel.”

POLITICO previously reported that Perry asked the company to expand its board to include Americans, though he said he offered suggestions only at the request of the Ukrainian government. Zelensky denied Perry asked him to dismiss the head of the state-run gas company in comments to the Kyiv Post on Thursday. POLITICO has reported Perry intends to depart the administration within months, though he denied the report earlier this week.

The subpoena demands records and communications related to the May inauguration of Zelensky, for which Perry led the U.S. delegation. It seeks records connected to a host of meetings abroad and at the White House that Perry attended along with senior Ukrainian officials. And it requests all records related to “proposed or actual transactions, investments, or projects relating to liquified natural gas (LNG) in Ukraine.”

Earlier this week, Perry acknowledged asking Trump to make the July 25 call to Zelensky that’s at the heart of the impeachment inquiry. He also said he’d discussed corruption broadly with Zelensky as part of an effort to make energy investment in the country more attractive, but has vehemently denied ever bringing up Biden or his son Hunter.

“Not once as God as my witness, not once was a Biden name — not the former vice president, not his son — ever mentioned,” he told the Christian Broadcasting Network.

News reports suggest associates of Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani had sought the changes to the Naftogaz board to gain a foothold in the country’s energy sector. Those associates, Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, were arrested Thursday on campaign finance and conspiracy charges. The indictment alleged that Fruman and Parnas orchestrated a straw donation scheme to help fund Republican campaigns and organizations from foreign donors — and that they pushed for the ouster of former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. Yovanovitch is set to be deposed Friday as part of the impeachment inquiry.

Perry was the lone sitting Republican governor to endorse Giuliani during his 2008 presidential run. The subpoena asks for records related to all “meetings and discussions” between the two men.

Also sought under the subpoena are records concerning the decision to withhold military assistance to Ukraine, including governmental meetings and any notes that resulted from them.

The subpoena has a deadline of Oct. 18.



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